Whether you are an employer or an employee, the employment relationship is one the most significant contractual relationships involving people and organisations. It is important to ensure that this relationship is structured appropriately from the beginning.

Our employment law team can help you establish the right kind of employment relationship, whether you are an employer or an employee. We have experience in drafting a range of employment agreements to suit any type of employment relationship, including salaried workers, waged workers, casual employees or independent contractors.

We can also assist companies and staff with restructuring and redundancy issues, including the consultation process.

Disputes inevitably arise in employment relationships and our people are available to help should this happen to you. From consulting on disciplinary procedures, to providing sound advice to either an employee or an employer where a dispute has arisen, we have the experience and knowledge to provide a range of options. Our team is highly experienced in dispute resolution and we have appeared in numerous employment mediations and investigative meetings before the Employment Relations Authority. We adopt a pragmatic approach when it comes to resolving disputes; and all options are considered with you.

Our Employment SPECIALISTS

Carlyle Gibson | Partner

Jessica Babe | Associate

Matt Bryant | Solicitor